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Taurai Jack

Taurai is the co-fouder and CEO of M5 Property Addicts, the podcast host for M5 Successful Friends and he has won the investor of the year 2019 - big leagues award. He specialises in

  • Raising private finance,
  • Negotiations and deal structuring,
  • Communications and managing investors.
  • Room rentals, multi-let and multi-family buildings
  • He specialises in Johannesburg CBD, East Rand and Durban areas. 

Retha van Rooyen

Retha is the co-founder and CFO for M5 Property Addicts as well as the founder and director at My Student House. She specialises in

  • Student accommodation, back to back deals, raising private money, investor proposals, rent to rent strategies.
  • For your property business she can assist with marketing, accounting and tools to use.
  • Changing your mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur.
  • She specialises in the Cape Town and Pretoria areas.

Genevieve Jack

Genevieve is a Certified Life Coach, Sourcing Specialist and director of her company FHC Consulting and she specialises in:

  • Mindset and Life coaching.
  • Getting started with Property Investing Fundamentals.
  • How to become a Sourcing Agent.
  • She specialises in helping people get started and unstuck in property investing. 

Bevin Thomas

Bevin is the CEO of Frost Peak which is a property management company specialising in managing properties for investors to ensure maximum returns.  Bevin specialises in: 

  • Commercial and residential maintenance, ensuring pro-active as well as emergency maintenance is in place.
  • Property management. Managing difficult tenants, taking on existing tenants from sellers.
  • Managing electricity and water usage on properties 
  • Managing payments.
  • Working with remote teams.

Elize le Roux

Elize is a property lawyer and founder of Xpello a company specialising in evictions.  She spends a lot of her time in court and at the rental tribunal managing the eviction process for property investors. She specialises in: 

  • Evictions. Evicting of difficult tenants and eviction insurance
  • Coaching rental agents to acquire and manage tenants to ensure payment and compliance
  • Rental tribunal hearings 

Hubert Viljoen

Hubert is a builder by trade, he has built 50+ houses in the affordable and luxury homes space and also do flipping for a living. He specialises in: 

  • Flipping properties and new build properties
  • Building cost and renovation cost estimations
  • Compliance and regulations for subdivision and building new houses and blocks of flats
  • Estimating and building blocks of flats

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