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Learn Property Investment

We teach practical tactics and strategies to help anyone become successful through property.


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The M5 Community Will Help You To:

Make Competitive Offers

Use our tips for understanding,  making offers and negotiating so that you can be competitive in the your deal making. 

Get Prepared for Closing

We share with you everything (the good, bad and ugly) and help you prepare for closing so you show up prepared and ready


We share different avenues for finding investors, partners, and more. We break down the different financing avenues available.

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What Makes The M5 Movement Different

We Are Regular People

We are building a better life and future for our respective families through property investing.  We don't claim to be gurus, but we do promise to show you the exact steps we've taken to build our rental portfolio.  Over the last few years, we have put together a process that has enabled us to grow our portfolio and take control of our time.

We've Built Our Portfolio Using Multiple Strategies

We have used multiple strategies to start and grow our portfolio from investing in residential properties, to leveraging financing institutions such as Tuhf and using partnerships.  We share with you the different paths to investing in rental property so that you can find which avenue will work best for you where you are in your life right now.

Real People, Real Investments, Real Success

All of this and much more inside the M5 Community

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Is This Community Right For Me?

If You Are Looking For:

  • The No Hype Investor

We focus solely on helping you get from where you are to taking action in your property investing journey. 

  • The Connected Investor

If you're looking to network with other like minded individuals with the same goals as you do, particularly investing in rental property. 

  • Long Term Wealth Investor

The wealthiest individuals invest in real estate. If you're looking for a way to build long term wealth ................ then this community is for you.

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