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The Ultimate Getting Started Bootcamp to help you make Money Out of Property. 

When I speak to people who are interested in Property about their goals, the most common answer I hear is to generate enough “passive” income to stop WORKING. 

They are sick and tired of their job and want to go full-time in Property like yesterday.



We ALL Know That There Is Maths Behind Replacing Our Salary

Let's look at that salary for a moment. Most people are not aware that they don't need that full amount they paid monthly. Here's my logic..... consider some of the things you do because you at work like that odd cappuccino, the chocolate you didn't need, or potentially drinks after work. I share this because I learned it the hard way.   

I'm not here to pour water all over your ambitions to hand in your resignation letter tomorrow and be a Property MOGUL by this time next year. People do it. It's possible. But many more people FAIL to do it, and I think it's important to recognize that.

What separates these individuals ...

It's 2 simple things I believe

  1. Property Education on doing it the right way. After all, we go to school for 12 years to learn the 3 R's .... but it's not 3 R's ... Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic. #jussaying
  2. ACTIONABLE steps from ACTIVE Investors who have done it and have the t-shirt.  side note: we don't teach it because it's our first love, we teach this because people have said "I want to do what you do" so we've brought property education to an achievable investment. Individually the M5 Property Varsity business partners have invested over R100k to get their desire to a reality in Property Investment. 

We could brag, but where's the fun when this is about you. 

Instead of resigning within a year, if you're willing to add a few years to your 'sentence' it would make better sense to maximize the resources you don't know that you already have by investing in yourself and doing things the right way.

If you're able to buy a property or two now and keep working, your capacity to save will be boosted by having some rental income as well as your earned income.

Be careful of listening to the one-hit wonders that got it right in the first 5 minutes of their Property Investing journey and put your back into making yourself proud. 

Join Genevieve Stafford Jack, for a 1 day "Getting Started in Property Investment Bootcamp." 

She has stripes and we want you to learn from her. She puts it out straight and gives you practical steps to get started. We trust her and her achievements hence we've secured her services for 2021. Her dedication to serving and wanting the best for her students has set her apart. She started at R5 million in DEBT and hasn't stopped pushing. Her practical tips from her exploits on the ground are not written in books. It's best shared in a safe space. 

The M5 Property Varsity Team has dynamic people that are vested in people's growth and Genevieve has challenged many of our students and has not held back in giving her best. 

She teaches about finding below market value properties, trains, and coaches her students that are stuck or struggling in property investment as a whole. She will be teaching the end-to-end process of getting started in investing in property.

Are you ready to be challenged within Property Investment?

Get Started Investing In Property

It's gonna be epic. Will you be joining us?











At The Property Masterclass, you will learn...

  • Belief & Failure and what it teaches us
  • ​Getting Started in Property Investing
  • ​Passive Income and Active Income Property Strategies
  • ​Using Other People's Money To Buy Property
  • ​How To Find Property Investors
  • ​Which Entity To Use When Buying Property
  • ​Lessons Through My Property Deals
  • Life-cycle of A Property Investment Opportunity
  • ​Property Investing Deal Calculations (I unpack the deal calculator)

1 Full Day Live Class

Classes are held online, are recorded & you can attend from anywhere.

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Recorded Online Course

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Property Deal Calculator

We will unpack and discuss what goes into the deal calculator

What are you waiting for?

If you're going to ditch the day job, you'll need the right education first...

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