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5 ways to retrain your brain to be your own boss

Jul 02, 2020

Here’s to the side hustler. The person making sure that bread is buttered on both sides. To the woman or the man successfully living in 2 realities, I salute you! You are amazing.  You are a unicorn.  You are freak in the corporate world.

No one else would understand just how difficult it is to live in two minds.  By day to live in the mind of a corporate employee and at night in the mind of boundless opportunity and promise of an entrepreneur.

How do you keep sane when you sit at work listening to people complaining about their boss, the way their salaries can’t keep up with everyday expenses, whilst full knowing that the same person will go home tonight and sit in front of the TV for 6 hours straight, not lifting a finger to better themselves?    

I was there, I was that person.  And I was happy.  Which is why I believe the transition for me was even more difficult than for most people.  21 years in an office, 21 years...

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