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Rent-to-rent strategy (step-by-step)

Aug 11, 2020

When I started my property investment journey the only thing I knew how to do was to buy a property and rent it out.  So you can imagine how my mind was absolutely blown the first time I listened to a very inspiration property investor explaining how he lived in his house for free (he was renting) by subletting this house to other people on airBnB….

I literally hung on his every word and have been following him around ever since.

Even though I had all the evidence of this strategy working for him, it never occurred that I could do it as well.  Surely he had some magical negotiation skills that I could never copy and definitely he must have a secret network of people that would connect him with owners that would allow you to do this….

And that was my belief until recently. 

Whilst looking urgently for accommodation for some of my overflow students (I was never going to be able to buy and furnish a property in the timeline required) I started discussions...

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