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5 banks and what they pay you for your savings

Jul 28, 2020

My single friend of 29 years is a first-time homeowner and has been paying off her bond diligently for nearly 21 months, unfortunately for her, her now disposable income is a lot less than what she was used to (BUMMER!!). 

Yes, owning a home is sometimes a shock on the bank account for newbies that did not anticipate the extra costs like rates and taxes, levies etc.  The good news though is that her property value is going up and the loan amount is going down and after some time her suffering (of not being able to go for everyday sun downers at fancy cocktail bars!!) will be over…

She did however notice something to make her smile… with the bank interest rates coming down numerous times this year, she all of a sudden had more money than usual left over in her account each month.  Although now, of course, all the fancy cocktail bars are closed and she has to look for a spouse online instead. 

With all this free unexpected cash and a small bonus from...

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3 tools to take the fear out of investing

Jul 02, 2020

Fear of missing out, fear of failure, fear of looking like an idiot.  I have experienced them all.  I still do, every single day. 

My fear of missing out is a particularly bad one for me. Over time it has improved slightly, I don’t HAVE to go out partying until 6am in the morning anymore, but I now obsess over missing out on a good property deal, or a business opportunity or anything really where I can show my old corporate self, that I really can make money for myself.

But in the early days of starting out in property, my biggest fear was telling an estate agent what my budget was.  You see, I had no idea what I was even looking for, how much money I wanted to make from the property so never mind even trying to explain to a stranger how much I am willing to pay for it.  So I dreaded picking up the phone to talk to an agent.  What if they won’t take me seriously, or worse what if they DO take me seriously…. They will realise I am a...

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