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4 things to analyse before you buy your first investment property

Aug 18, 2020

I think I enjoy scouting and hunting for a new deal even more now that I did when I started with property investment.  I like to tell myself that it is just because I now have more experience working with agents and doing numbers in my head so less pressure when I’m out there, but secretly I just love looking at houses and finding the diamond where everyone else is seeing a mess….That moment you when it hits you (normally as a very stinky smell straight in the nose) and you realise that this is the real deal, is just like no other feeling on this planet!

However when I just started this process caused me lots of sleepless nights and stress over mulling over the questions floating in my head…. Is it really as good as I think it is? Is it really a great buy? Will it give me the profits I need in the time frame I need it in? What if I don’t get tenants? What if I can’t sell the property for the money I put into it? What if what if…. And so it...

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