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We teach practical tactics and strategies to help anyone become successful property investors.

Please note that Student Accommodation training will be available on www.rethavanrooyen.com and all other coaching and mentoring will be done by the on www.thetjtribe.com   

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Most people are stuck in the rat race of money in, money out. 
At M5 Property Varsity we teach practical courses that will help anyone learn how to earn passive income by successfully growing their property portfolio.

3 Steps to growing your property portfolio


Interactive lessons that cover all the passive income generating skills you need. Learn 24/7 at your own speed. Revisit material while you do your property deal, right when you need it.


Applied knowledge is power. Apply the strategies, insights, and tools from our learning platform. You could earn more, create an impact and the freedom to live the life others only dream about. 


Learning and applying the knowledge that is shared to you by active Property Investors positions you at a competitive edge. Change the way you do property and watch how you grow.

M5 Property Varsity is suited for those who

✔ Want financial freedom
✔ Want their money to work for them
✔ Want to earn passive income
✔ Want to fire their boss!

While the rest of the world waits... ARE YOU?

What You Will Find Inside ...

One-on-one coaching


Want to create a personalised investment roadmap or have questions on how to get started considering your unique circumstances, or need advice on a specific property you are considering buying.  You can schedule a one on one coaching session with one of our mentors.

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Create a shortcut to your success. We share information about our property investing journey, as well as provide guidance, motivation and support. We believe that there is always room for improvement and you can join the mentorship calls that take place every second week to get your questions answered. Sessions are held on Zoom so join from anywhere! 

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Property Investment Fundamentals Online Course

The fundamentals course is perfect for anyone that has never bought a property before.  6 Modules and 30 Lessons covering:

  • Belief & Failure and what it teaches us , 
  • Getting Started in Property Investing, 
  • Using Other People’s Money To Buy Property, 
  • How To Find Property Investors, 
  • Property Investing Deal Calculations 
  • Lessons Through My Deals
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Student Accommodation

Want to benefit from the great profits in student accommodation but too scared your property will be ruined and you won't get paid?  What you get:

  • Full online course taking you from finding a student house property to successfully managing it 
  • Toolkit that contains my calculator, walk through of marketing tools etc.
  • Downloads with house rules, warning letters, COVID19 policy and much more.
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Finding Private Money For Your Property Deals

Are you one of those people who finds property deals but you are not able to close them because of funding? This used to be my biggest challenge when I started off because I didn’t know any property investors. 

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Property Sourcing Class

This course is meant for people that don't have cash and don't qualify for bond finance.  These are the exact strategies that Taurai used to get out of R5m of bad debt. 

This is 2 courses in one so that you can make cash lumpsums through property.

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"I probably wasted a year waiting for the right time to buy my first investment property. Through the training that you gave us I got the courage for me to just get started and I just signed my deal early this week. So I just want to say thank you for the push and all the information you were teaching us. It is going to change my life..."

Buhle Selepe
Cashflow games winner

Download this bundle to get started in property investing!

  • Beginner tips for newbie investors
  • Getting started with student accommodation
  • The secret to finding private money


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